St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

          Know and celebrate our Catholic faith

          Love God and our neighbor

          Serve as disciples of Jesus Christ


Vision Statement

We envision a Catholic Community...

Where all feel welcomed to share in God's word.

Where we challenge ourselves to be more actively involved in our parish, more
knowledgeable in our Catholic faith, and more confident in spreading God's Word.

Where we humbly seek to become more like Christ, lovingly care for our parishioners,
and eagerly give service to our community, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Where we respectfully give praise in worship, joyfully share in fellowship, and hunger to
grow deeper in our Love for Christ.

Where God is given the first of our fruits in time, talent and treasure, is loved above all
else in our lives, and praised in all things.

Core Values

St. Vincent de Paul Parish Core Values


Approved by Pastoral Council
May 2009

 State of the Parish Reports

2012 Report
2011 Report