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Chess Tournament Results: 

April 21-22 -  St. Vincents Chess Team won top honors at the School Chess Association State Championship tournament this past weekend. The 4-6 grade team won the trophy for the top team in the northwest suburbs. They also took 12th place statewide. The 4-6 grade team was Ryan Duffy, Matt Peterburs, Duron Fennell, and Logan Saunders. The K-3 grade team also won the trophy for the top team in the northwest suburbs and took 11th place statewide. The K-3 team was John Simon, Jake Welsh, Matt Lord, and Josie Peterburs. John Simon also earned his silver medal for winning 25 games in tournament play. Pierce Pachl played in the 7-12 grade section and earned his gold medal for winning 50 games in tournament play. With more than 400 players and 40 schools at this tournament this is a huge honor. Way to go Royals!

March 10 - St. Vincent de Paul won the 4th place team trophy at the Twin Cities Junior High Championship Chess tournament on March 10.  The Junior High players were Pierce Pachl, Minh-Dang Bui-Nguyen, Jack Peterburs, and Matt Peterburs. Special recognition goes to Matt Peterburs for moving up to the Junior High section to help make a complete team. In the K-3 section John Simon and Jake Welsh tied for 4th place individually and won trophies. Also playing were Jack Phenow, Gavin Lamott, Lauren Miller, Luke Schaefer, Josie Peterburs, Daniel Lambrecht, John Nord, Eli Tietz, Jacob Dugan, and Matthew Lord. Way to go Royals!

February 25 - St. Vincent won both first place team trophies and 4 individual trophies at the Osseo school district chess tournament on Saturday Feb 25. In the junior high section St. Vincent won the first place team trophy with the team of Josh Anderson, Jack Peterburs, Pierce Pachl, and Minh-Dang Bui-Nguyen. Josh Anderson won the first place individual trophy and Jack Peterburs took third place. In the K-5 section St. Vincent won the first place team trophy from among 24 schools with the team of Matt Peterburs, Josie Peterburs, Ryan Duffy, Jake Welsh, and CJ Flury. Matt Peterburs won the 2nd place individual prize and Ryan Duffy took 3rd place. St. Vincent has won the district championship 5 years In a row. Way to go Royals!

December 3 - Six players from the St. Vincent Chess Club played in a School Chess Association tournament on Dec 3. The 7th grade team of Jack Peterburs, Minh-Dang Bui-Nguyen, and Pierce Pachl won 2nd place. Jack Peterburs also earned 2nd place individually, winning 4 of 5 games.

November 5 - Ten players from the St. Vincent chess club played in a School Chess Association tournament on Nov. 5th. The 7th grade team of Jack Peterburs, Pierce Pachl, and Tom Saunders won 3rd place. The 5th grade team place of Ryan Duffy, Matt Peterburs, Khoi Bui-Nguyen,  Tyler Hoffman, and Logan Saunders won 4th place. In the 3rd grade section, John Simon won 4 of 5 games and earned the 3rd place individual trophy.  Way to go Royals!



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