St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Leadership-Wide Summer Book Read

What if everyone read the same faith-based book and then joined
all those readers in talking about it?


Welcome to the online site for the St. Vincent de Paul Leadership-Wide Summer Book Read.  The book discussion and dinner will take place July 15, Tuesday, 6-8:30 pm, in the East Meeting Room.  To prepare for the discussion, everyone in the parish leadership (staff and volunteers) is invited to read “The Joy of the Gospel:  Evangelii Gaudium” by Pope Francis.  Copies of the book are now available for $10 in the parish office.

Between now and July 15th – stay tuned to this site for connections to “Joy” features; discussion questions; and announcements.

Happy Reading! – Pastoral Council

About the Book

The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) is the long-awaited teaching of Pope Francis on the proclamation of the Gospel. Pope Francis is calling upon the Church and the world with encouragement to begin a new chapter in evangelization - one marked by enthusiasm and vitality and, most especially, joy. This dynamic document is written in the plain, everyday language for which the pope has become famous. (USCCB)

Pope Francis

Is the first pope...

·         From the Americas

·         From the Jesuit order

·         To take name Francis

Is known to...

·         Take the bus and subway

·         Cook his meals

·         Have strong devotion to Mary

·         Visit the poor

·         Be very spiritual

·         Have low-key style

·         Love soccer and tangos


·         Spanish, Italian, English, French and German.


Summer Book Read, supported by the Pastoral Council, encourages leadership-wide reading of faith-based books to foster a greater understanding of our religion, and to provide an opportunity for people to come together through the reading and discussion of a common book. 
What if all of St. Vincent de Paul read the same book?