St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church


2015 Committment Forms:
Estimated Giving Form
Time & Talent Committment Form

Fill out the form (online or download) and then click on the "Submit" button on the last page of the form to have it electronically sent to us.

If you are prompted to open your form in Adobe Reader or to connect to Adobe Form Central to transmit your form, please go ahead and allow this process. You can also download the form to your computer, then complete and submit it from there.

*Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for online submittals.

Stewardship is ‘managing your house’ - the care and meaning we add to what God has given to us.  We are called by God to be conduits for our blessings in order to make a richer life for all. Stewardship of God’s gifts gives us purpose and makes us fully human, and the parish provides the framework and the outlets for this to happen. To begin to live a life from which goodness flows, consider seeing your blessings as truthfully from God, and start with daily prayer, then committing to at least one new ministry or project to help others, and make a plan for beneficial and consistent financial giving.

All parishioners are asked to prayerfully examine what they can do for the parish as a sign of their faith and their gratitude to God. There are many opportunities to give of your time and talent to St. Vincent's and to other charities. We encourage parishioners to explore these opportunities.

Parishioners should give financially what they can to maintain and improve the programs the parish offers. Most parishioners are sent packets of giving envelopes periodically. The envelopes should be used if you intend on deducting your contributions on your taxes. Parishioners who use the envelopes will be sent listings of their contributions periodically. These listings provide the necessary proof of contributions for the IRS. All giving information is strictly confidential.

Parishioners can also make financial donations in several other ways. Some parishioners have their contributions automatically deducted from their bank account. Others have their contributions charged to their Visa or MasterCard. Some also give appreciated assets like stocks or mutual fund shares and avoid capital gains tax. Call the Parish Office if you have any questions about how you can give of your time or treasure.