St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Principal's Welcome



Thank you for visiting the St. Vincent de Paul School Website. My name is Kathleen O'Hara and I am the proud principal of St. Vincent de Paul School.

My philosophy is very simple. It is to call forth the best in each of us, students, parents, teachers, parishioners, in an effort to bring the message of Jesus alive. This is to create a love of learning, a joy of reading and encouragement to put these principles into action and service. It is to creatively use the modern tools of technology along with the proven methods of memorization. It is to have a clear and concise philosophy with minimal rules, but an accountability that goes beyond the classroom, the walls of the school and the boundaries of the parish. It is to create links of support so that a child's moral development can continue outside of the six hours a day spent in school. In that process we follow the core of what our faith is about.

We proclaim, we celebrate, we serve, or in the words of To Teach As Jesus, we work with knowledge in a community and we reach out in service, and we celebrate all of this in liturgy. Catholic school education needs to stand in juxtaposition to the values of our world. While we are disciplined, we are not regimented. While we are strong, we are not harsh. While we are innovative, we do not forget the basics. And ultimately we do this all for the honor and glory of God.