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Employment Network

Employment Network

The St. Vincent 's Employment Network is a means for parishioners to post their resumes on the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church website and for employers to list job openings.  In addition, parishioners may post their businesses there.  Posted resumes are listed by name or by code, depending on individual preference.  We seek to expand this ministry with more volunteers to further these job fulfillment capabilities of our parish community.  Contact:

Parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul who may be looking for job opportunities and employers who are looking to hire, are welcome to post their résumé and job openings by following the appropriate links below.

Seeking Jobs
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Job Openings
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Parishioner Businesses




St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church reserves the right to review the content of any posting that does not meet up with their expectations of a religious institution.
Beneficiaries of this site are solely responsible for the content of any information posted.