St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church



Donating used books:

If you have gently used books you'd like to donate to the library, we appreciate receiving them. If, for some reason, one or more of your donated books are not needed in our collection (perhaps we have several copies of it already or it may not fit our reading audience, etc.), we routinely sell these items to second-hand bookstores. We then use the money earned from those books to purchase other books that the library needs. Either way, you are greatly helping our library collection grow!

If you prefer to have any books that the library does not need returned to you, please let us know upon donation drop off. Also, we generally do not place commemorative bookplates in donated, used books.

Donating new books:

Gifts and donations are greatly appreciated and serve as an important addition to our acquisition efforts. You may choose to honor someone special by making a donation in celebration of a special occasion or a memorial gift to pay tribute to someone you love. Commemorative bookplates are placed inside each book to recognize your person of honor and your generousity.