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Miss McCue's Assignment Notebook


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General Assignment Information 

An important part of fourth grade is learning to become organized and to be responsible for completing work on time. To help students develop these skills, we will utilize assignment notebooks to keep track of our assignments.
Math – Homework is usually assigned Monday – Thursday. Please continue to practice math facts.
Spelling – Students will have a weekly spelling list of 20 words, plus 5 challenge words. Final tests are given on Friday. On Mondays we will take a pre-test. Any misspelled words must be written 5 times each for homework. Students may prepare for this pre-test by studying over the weekend. Students who score 100% on the pre-test don’t need to take the test on Friday.
Reading – We will read one story per week from the text. The story is assigned on Mondays. Students will take a quiz on the story on Fridays. Several times throughout the year, we will be reading novels instead of stories from the text.
English – We try to get most of the work completed during class time. There are assignments that may be worked on both in and out of school. Book Reports are done during the school year. A letter will go home explaining each report. Four weeks is usually given for these projects.
Social Studies – Please encourage your child to participate in Current Events discussions. Assignments from the text are given, but not every night.
Religion – Assignments are given, but not every night. Check Assignment Book for advance notice of tests and projects.
Science – Assignments are given, but not every night. When projects are assigned, letters are sent home to explain them.
*Missing Assignments-
 When a student comes to school without a homework assignment completed they will be asked to flip their behavior chart card to yellow (please see Discipline Sheet for further explanation). There will also be an Eighth Hour Slip going home. This states that unless the assignment is turned in the following day, the student will remain after school to complete the work.